Full boarding includes stalls with full turn out and feeding. Our facilities include two hay barns and the main barn, which houses 18 stalls and spacious lockers for our borders to use. Our residence is located on property, and has been designed with views of all riding rings, barns and pastures. Above all else, TLC Farm puts the care, comfort and well-being of the horses first.  This is their home and they deserve to feel contented and relaxed with a reliable, daily routine.

Full Board includes:

     -Large stalls with premium sawdust bedding

     -Grain fed twice daily

     -Hay, grown by TLC, fed twice daily

     -Daily turnout- group or individual paddock

          -All pastures have run-in sheds with hay as needed.

          -All pastures are fenced in.

          -Horses checked daily.

          -Clean water available at all times.

          -Turnout groups based on sex, disposition, age, etc.

     -Daily blanketing based on weather conditions

     -Stalls cleaned daily

     -Supplements administered when provided by owner

We Feed Premium Hay

TLC Farm feeds superb quality hay that is a mix of fescue, orchardgrass, and clover. We have contracted the best fertilizer sources to ensure that our hay is of the highest standards available.


The hay we feed our horses is consistently sent for nutrient analysis allowing us to keep a close eye on quality at all times. 

If desired, owner provided supplements are fed with the grain feeding. Some of our boarders may wish to provide SmartPaks or other supplements for their horses.


Your horse boarding experience will be as customized as possible!

We Feed Premium Grain

  >    Solutions 14 Low Starch 

   >     Blue Seal Hay Stretcher

   >     Kent Omegatin Premium



Our grain is purchased from Strouse House Tackle and Outdoors in Mocksville, NC. With many options to choose from, we chose the grain option that is perfect for your horse!

TLC Farm takes pride in providing each horse with the optimum nutritional feeding program that is uniquely suited to your equine partner.

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